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Valley Mist Natural Skincare

Client Focus – Valley Mist

Product Design Valley Mist is a Natural Skincare brand that we’ve helped develop from the ground up. Our design team worked with the client to create their flagship range of Plastic Free Lip Balm tubes. The illustrated style has since been rolled out throughout the companies products. The beautiful printed cardboard tubes are fully compostable,

Adapt Your Website

Adapting Businesses To Deal With Covid-19 Disruption

The outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is having a devastating impact worldwide. Governments have rightly asked citizens across the globe to completely change their habbits to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. Stay home, save lives – is the message to prevent healthcare systems from becoming overwhealmed. And whilst the heros in the frontline

Web Safety

Internet Safety Books

Internet Safety Book Sponsorship We Manage Web has proudly sponsored a publication for a local school that highlights how to remain safe when browsing the web. Internet Safety For Children The Barney & Echo ‘Caught in the Web’ books will give at least 30 pupils from Old Trafford Community Academy some helpful tips to keep

General Data Protection Regulation

Is Your WordPress Website GDPR Compliant?

[lead]Many of our clients are asking for information about GDPR and how it will affect their websites. In this article, we’ll explain what we know about the changes to the law and the potential changes required to websites built using WordPress.[/lead] [well size=”sm”]Disclaimer: the information in this article is based on our research, experience and understanding of the

Google Partner

Official Google Partner

[lead]We Manage Web (and it’s parent company ‘Northern Web Lab Limited’) are proud to announce that we are now an Official Google Partner.[/lead] This scheme is designed to provide clients with the piece-of-mind that their chosen agency has all the relevant experience and knowledge to Set Up, Manage and Maintain Google AdWords accounts and other

Certified Specialists

Certified Google AdWords Search Specialist

[lead]We Manage Web is an Officially Certified Google AdWords Search Specialist. We have the ability and experience to assist customers to create and manage Google AdWords Campaigns that will return results.[/lead] AdWords Search Specialist Advertising Exam We are proud to announce the completion of the Official Google AdWords Search Specialist Advertising exam. This combined with the

We Manage Web

We Manage Web, a trading name of Northern Web Lab Limited

Welcome to We Manage Web ‘We Manage Web‘, or ‘WMW‘ are trading names of Northern Web Lab Limited, a company created as a reaction to years of experience Designing, Developing and Maintaining websites for a vast range of clients. Website Managers for Small to Medium Sized Businesses At WMW we aim to create a service that

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