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Google Partner

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[lead]We Manage Web (and it’s parent company ‘Northern Web Lab Limited’) are proud to announce that we are now an Official Google Partner.[/lead]

This scheme is designed to provide clients with the piece-of-mind that their chosen agency has all the relevant experience and knowledge to Set Up, Manage and Maintain Google AdWords accounts and other forms of Google online Marketing Services.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords Specialist

To achieve our Google Partner Status we have completed various stages of online training, and provided proof of our ability to manage Google Adwords accounts for a range of different online advertising methods.

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How We Achieved Google Partner Status

Here’s a little more about what our team have done to gain this accreditation:

AdWords Fundamentals Exam

Before you can even be considered for the Google Partners Scheme, you must first pass a Google AdWords Fundamentals exam. This consists of 100 questions about Google AdWords best practices, and all of our Digital Marketing staff are required to pass this before they can work on any of our client’s accounts.

AdWords Specialities Exams

In addition to the Google Adwords Fundamentals exam, all Google Partners must pass an additional speciality exam to prove their competence with Google AdWords. These specialities fall under the following categories, and each exam consists of 100 questions with a minimum pass rate of 80%.

  1. Search Advertising
  2. Display Advertising
  3. Video Advertising
  4. Mobile Advertising
  5. Shopping Advertising

At We Manage Web – we hope to have an approved specialist for each one of these categories at any one time, but if we don’t – just ask! We would be more than happy to complete one of these accreditations to prove our competence with your advertising budgets.

AdWords Performance

Before any company is accredited with the Google Partners Badge, their existing AdWords Performance is reviewed. Company performance is evaluated based on client revenue growth and retention, and growth in overall revenue and number of advertisers.

AdWords Spend

To achieve the Google Partners Accreditation – the total spend must be at least $10,000 USD, and is evaluated based on total Google ad spend during the last 90 days.
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Google Partners Profile

You can review our Google Partner status, and keep up-to-date with our existing Google AdWords qualifications by visiting our Google Partners Profile Page.

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