Adapting Businesses To Deal With Covid-19 Disruption

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The outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is having a devastating impact worldwide. Governments have rightly asked citizens across the globe to completely change their habbits to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. Stay home, save lives – is the message to prevent healthcare systems from becoming overwhealmed. And whilst the heros in the frontline continue to battle with new challenges every day, there is every possibility that we may be forced to continue these measures for a very lengthy period.

Keeping Businesses Afloat

These unprecidented events have presented businesses with a huge host of problems and whilst, in the UK, the government has presented a £350bn package to provide support, some businesses simply can not afford to sit this out.

Many businesses that are considered as “essential” will do everything they can to continue to trade whilst maintaining the safety of their staff through social distancing measures. However, the closure of the many businesses that are not considered as “essential” has had a huge impact for the businesses that did supply to them. For example…

To maintain Social Distancing measures and prevent people from unecassarily leaving their homes, all restaurants have been asked to close by the UK government. The food suppliers to these restaurants have now been presented with a serious problem… “Food Supply” is considered as essential, yet their existing customers have no requirement.

Here are a few examples of how businesseses like the example mentioned above could adapt to offer new services through a website.

Adding eCommerce

Adding eCommerce functionality to an existing website can be a lot more simple than some people think. By taking payments online, your business can reach a wider audience, plus operational times aren’t restricted by staffing. The ‘Cashless’ nature of an online shop can also have huge benefits, with easy accounting systems integhration and even integrated stock control.

Providing Home Delivery

Once a website has a ‘Payment System’, integrating your business with a ‘Courier’ can open up your products to a huge catchment area. In our example above, adapting a restaurant food suppliers business to start offering home delivery veg or meat boxes, would be a great option.

Hosting Live Streams

Whether you are a Music Teacher, Yoga Instructor or a Personal Trainer – hosting a Live Stream on your website could allow you to contionue to offer your services from the comfort of your own home. We could even combine this with an eCommerce system, so that your customers can ‘sign up’ and ‘subscribe’ before gaining access to your stream.

Whatever your business is, adapting it to deal with changes in demand, staff and even location could be essential. At we manage web, we will assign your business a dedicated account manager that will guide you through the processes required to make these changes. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your business.

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