Certified Google AdWords Search Specialist

Certified Specialists

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[lead]We Manage Web is an Officially Certified Google AdWords Search Specialist. We have the ability and experience to assist customers to create and manage Google AdWords Campaigns that will return results.[/lead]

Certified Specialists

AdWords Search Specialist Advertising Exam

We are proud to announce the completion of the Official Google AdWords Search Specialist Advertising exam. This combined with the Google AdWords Fundamentals exam gives us another step along the way to becoming an official Certified Google Partner.

We are already putting this qualification to very good use for some of our existing Website Maintenance Subscription clients, with great results already being reported across the board.

Google Adwords

Pay Per Click Advertising

We can manage your Pay Per Click advertising, even if you don’t want us to manage or host your website. Digital Marketing can be considered as a separate service, however, we do recommend that all of our clients consider one of our Website Management Subscriptions to gain the full range of benefits from our services.

Setting up successful digital marketing campaigns can be a time-consuming process. Let the specialist Digital Marketing team here at We Manage Web assist you and we guarantee to help you drive measurable results.

Free £75 credit for new clients

If you are new to Pay Per Click advertising with Google Adwords, we can give you £75 free credit to get you started. Perfect for businesses who would like to give AdWords a trial without spending too much money.

[button type=”success” size=”lg” link=”https://wemanageweb.wpengine.com/website-management-services/pay-per-click/”]Start advertising online today[/button]

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Other Google Exams

Our team will be completing other Google AdWords Accreditations over the coming months. Theses include; Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising and Shopping Advertising.

Keep an eye out on our blog for more information.

We endeavour to keep up-to-date with all of the latest Pay Per Click Advertising accreditations. If you’d like to know more about our certificates and awards, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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