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If your company provides goods or services to customers, and it isn’t already sending Email Marketing Campaigns, you’re missing a trick! Email marketing is becoming more advanced year on year. With animation, automation, personalisation and interaction all now available, static text heavy content is a thing of the past.

Email marketing

Hold on what’s so important about email marketing?

Email Marketing Campaigns are the modern equivalent of direct mail campaigns, however, they are much more effective. Here are a few reasons why we recommend starting to send email campaigns today:

1. Incentives

Your regular customers are important to you, repeat sales will encourage growth in any business. By offering incentives to register for your marketing list you reward your most loyal customers whilst generating a very important marketing tool. A list of potential customers email addresses.

2. The most cost effective form of marketing

The cost to set up, and regularly send, email campaigns compared to direct marketing is minimal. Once your contact lists have been built, regular campaigns can be set up to meet any budget and almost always have some type of return if managed correctly.

3. Automation will save you time

One of the most powerful tools available in modern email marketing is the ability to tailor automated campaigns based on specific events. So, for example, automated emails can be set up for any of the following events

  • If a customer makes a sale on your website automated emails can be generated to welcome them to the list
  • Secondly, offer them an incentive to return and make a repeat sale within a few weeks
  • Finally, send an additional incentive if they don’t return within 6 months

All of these points are targeted at promoting repeat custom on an e-commerce website, but similar campaigns can be structured for a business that doesn’t sell products online.

4. Analysis will prove profitability

All email marketing campaigns are tracked and statistics are gathered to prove their success. When a campaign is connected to Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics the true power of these statistics will start to become available. Once you start to see exactly how many additional sales or leads the campaigns are generating, we can start to review the campaigns cost against their conversion rates and aim to see a return on investment.

Email Campaign Management Services

At We Manage Web we can help any business to set up, maintain, review and improve their email marketing campaign plan. So if you need help getting started with your email marketing list, or if you already have a list and need help to manage and review your statistics, get in touch with the team today.

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