Performance Reports are tailored documents that outline how your website is doing, or how effective your digital marketing is.

Website Performance Reports

Pay Per Click Advertising


Collect data from visitors and digital advertising campaigns.

Search Engine Optimisation


Make changes to your website to help improve the performance.

Website Analytics


Review how effective the optimisation has been with a tailored report.

Digital Marketing Performance Report

Keeping track of your monthly Digital Marketing budget, or reviewing your website’s Conversion performance can be a daunting task. Regularly logging in to each of your Advertising Sources and reviewing the unique dashboard layout takes a lot of time, and can be easily overlooked.

With a custom tailored Digital Marketing Performance Report, you will receive an easy to understand document once a month that outlines the performance of your Digital Advertising campaigns all in one place. The report will be tailored to prioritise the information that is most relevant to your business, whilst performance comparisons will help you to see if the profitability of the ads is improving or not.

Website Search Engine Optimisation Report

Our Website Maintenance and Optimisation Subscription Packages are tailored to prioritise work that we feel will have the biggest impact with regards to improving visitor numbers, and conversions on your website. Sometimes, however, this work can be difficult to measure as some changes can be subtle yet have a huge impact. It is, for this reason, we encourage all of our Subscription clients to register for a bespoke tailored SEO Report document.

The SEO Report Document will be tailored to present your most important metrics in a simple PDF format. The report will automatically land in your inbox, once a month (or at a frequency that suits you), and will be designed to help you visualise the improvements and optimisation work that we complete on a regular basis.

Custom Performance Reports

In some cases, the above two reports are not suitable to help our customers easily access the most important data to their company. In these cases, we can work closely with you to first understand exactly what aspects of the site’s performance needs to be tracked, then make sure that the data is being collected consistently before finally tailoring a custom report template.

Performance Report Sources

Data from all of the following sources can be collected in our reports:

If you are yet to set up any of these services or need help managing any aspect of your website, get in touch with our team today.