Pay Per Click Advertising is a method of increasing traffic to your website by paying to appear at the top of search results, or in your target audience’s Social Media streams.

Pay for quality visits

Pay Per Click AdvertisingVisits from organic sources can take some time to build up and often require plenty of Search Engine Optimisation work to ensure your content is singing from the same hymn sheet as the major search engines like Google or Bing.

If you are yet to get your website to the top of Google (or other search engines) for your target Keyphrases, you should consider a paid service to help you generate quality visits to your website.

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Hold on – what is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising services allow you to display links to your website above any others in search results for specific keyphrases. You are then charged a fee for each click you gain from the advert.

Pay Per Click Advertising Services Include:

How does PPC Management work?

Conversion Tracking

First, we’ll work with you to discover more about your business, and most importantly how we are going to measure success. If you sell products online, then tracking success can be simple, if one of your website visitors makes a sale this is considered as a conversion. However, if you don’t sell online, tracking success could be anything from a visitor watching a Promotional Video to Calling an Enquiry Telephone Number.

Keyword Analysis

The next stage is to work out which keywords could potentialy be the most profitable for your company. Different keyphrases have different levels of competition, so it’s vital we find relevant phrases that will appeal to the target audience without costing more than your likely return. Sound complicated? Don’t worry, it’s pretty straight forward once we understand more about what it is that you do.

Pay Per Click Budget

You’ll have full control over your Pay Per Click Advertising budgets. Just tell us how much you’re happy to spend and we’ll do the rest.

Campaign Set-up

There are a huge range of possibilities for PPC advertising across many different platforms. We’ll guide you through the most suitable solution for your business based on our experience and qualifications.

Here’s a few examples of the types of Pay Per click advertising campaigns we have set up for existing clients:

  • Google Shopping Feeds – List products with prices and images within Google Shopping
  • Google Search Network – The classic PPC advertising method which allows you to list your pages at the top of search results in Google
  • Google Display Network – Display image or even video campaigns on third party websites
  • Facebook Advertising – Target facebook users that have actively shown an interest in subject matters that make them a potential customer
  • Remarketing – Target visitors that have already interacted with your website, show people products that they have previously viewed, or even display the contents of their basket if they are yet to make a sale
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A Pay Per Click management solution to suit you

We Manage Web can tailor a package to suit your requirements, however we usually recommend to all of our clients that you first consider one of our flagship Maintenance Subscriptions. We can then manage your Pay Per Click campaigns as part of the wider package. This also allows us to continually review, amend and improve your campaigns until a target return on investment is regularly being achieved.

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