Email marketing has been around since the dawn of time, but that doesn’t mean that it’s become irrelevant. In fact, we’d say the opposite, a well-structured email marketing campaign can be simple to set up and return real results for your business.

Send marketing to the people that matter

Email MarketingBy building Email Marketing Lists that contain focused groups of your existing clients, you can send targeted campaigns that almost always bring in results. By encouraging repeat custom we’ve seen client’s who have doubled their sales year-on-year, something we all wish we could achieve.

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It’s all about the quality of your email marketing lists

Pre-made email marketing lists from internet companies sometimes seem tempting, but don’t be fooled. Buying a quick fix marketing list can be damaging to your company, they are often built using dodgy methods and can even be illegal to use.

Take control now and start building your own lists that are legal and create results.

How do I start building my lists?

If you don’t collect the email addresses of your customers, then help is at hand. We have several tried and tested ways to help you start doing this. Speak to one of the We Manage Web team today and we’ll start planning how email Marketing can start to work for your business.

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