Tracking visits to your website, or the interaction with your customers, is an important part of all of our Website Maintenance Subscription Packages. It’s vital that we use data to review the changes we make so that we can see exactly how successful they are.

Website analysis tools

We add the standard Google Analytics tracking codes to all of our websites, then we’ll either give you access so that you can keep an eye on the data yourself, or we can create a tailored quarterly or monthly review document that contains the data that is most important to you.

Let us help you start tracking data

More than just Google Analytics

Website AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is our standard method for collecting site visitor data, however, we can also use a whole host of other tools and services to help us track the most important data to your business.

Conversions & Goals

Tracking users that make a sale, or submit details that can be used as a sales lead, is an important method that is used to measure the success of all improvements and optimisation work on your website. It’s vital that we get to know all aspects of your business so that we can track these goals and then improve the number of visitors that go on to create a conversion.

Search Engine Optimisation

Improving the content on your website to help it rank higher in search engine results is known as SEO, tracking is a vital part of this process to judge how successful changes have been. We use many different tools to help us achieve this.