WordPress Image Optimisation & Best Practices

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Why is image optimisation so important? Image optimisation is extremely important when it comes to the speed of your website. Without proper optimisation, your website could end up being very slow due to the sizes of the linked assets. So without image optimisation, your website is soon going to get very sluggish and we really…

WordPress How To Create Your First Post

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How To Write SEO

Before we start with this tutorial, if you are completely unfamiliar with the WordPress admin area, visit our previous blog post ‘WordPress Admin Area Basics‘. Writing an article Once the Design and Development stages of your website build are complete, the hard work really starts. Adding regular new content that engages your target audience can…

WordPress Admin Area Basics

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This blog article will briefly show you the basics of the WordPress admin area and hopefully, give you everything you need to start creating amazing content for your customers. Hold on, what’s the WordPress Admin Area? Let’s start from the beginning. To create a website that can be updated, without the need to know how to…