All of our Maintenance Subscription Packages can include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation Included

We’ll work closely with you to first plan a campaign based on your keywords and phrases. We’ll then complete all optimisation work that is possible in the allocated time, or advise you on how you can improve your Ranking Positions through content creation techniques.

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All SEO work can include:

Improvements to Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERP)

By optimising your content, so that it performs better in Search Results, you can greatly improve your SERP for key pages on your website. To do this successfully requires a deep understanding of how Google ranks your pages, and how to make changes to beat your competitors

Coding Standards

Part of our optimisation campaigns are to check that your site is built correctly, and the content is tagged to help search engines decipher what is your most relevant areas to be ranked for.


With security becoming more and more important on all websites, search engines will now rank your site based on some basic security standards. If your site doesn’t meet these, you’ll almost definitely be penalised.

Keyword Density & Distribution

To rank well for your key terms, we first must make sure that the phrases are distributed properly through your content. This method of optimisation is an ongoing task that can help to hugely improve the visibility of your website over time.


Work can also be done to improve your website’s Ranking by improving backlink quality and distribution. This form off ‘Offsite Optimisation’ is one aspect that should be used in conjunction with other optimisation techniques to achieve a successful SEO campaign.