We Manage Web

Northern Web Lab Limited

We Manage Web is the leading project of the holding company Northern Web Lab Limited, which was formed in 2016. Currently based in Manchester in the North of England, Northern Web Lab has clients across the UK, Europe and the United States of America.

Managing Websites Since 2005

Our specialist team of Managers have been looking after websites for clients since 2005. In this time, the internet landscape has drastically changed. Mobile usage has skyrocketed, accepting payments online has become as straightforward as a touch of a thumb and security has been in high-profile news stories containing household company names. As a website manager, it is absolutely vital that you react to these changes quickly if you feel there could be a benefit for your business. However, time and time again we hear our clients say…

I’ve not got time to keep up-to-date with internet standards

This is something that we completely understand. Small or medium-sized business owners have enough on their plate; we don’t expect you to find the time to read about changes to SSL Certification Classes or MySQL version updates. This is why you need a website manager.

But I can’t afford a good Website Manager’s salary

According to PayScale, the average Website Manager’s salary in 2017 is £32,000 per annum.  This is obviously a large additional cost for any company, and that’s only the average wage. If you want a good candidate with at least 5 years previous experience, who could manage your website in-house, you’re looking at a wage of £40,000 per annum and above.

This is where we fit in (drum roll please…)

Website Management Services at a fraction of the price

Our Website Management & Maintenance Services are tailored to fit any budget and allow our specialists the time required to improve, optimise, maintain and update your websites for you.

That’s how we make websites work, so you don’t have to.

Hold on I haven’t even got a website yet

Not to worry – we’ve all got to start somewhere! If your business is just starting out, or you’ve been a bit slow on moving things online, get in touch. Our team specialises in Website Design and Branding, so we can work with you to get your business online, then support you whilst your business grows.